Friday, 18 October 2013

Our first backer believer!

We've only received one donation so far on the IndieGoGo fundraising adventure and that lovely individual has got themselves the highest perk available, aka The Fedora Slayer perk. Because yes, our heroine and protagonist, Tilder Asgrave wears a fedora. That's not her only (extremely) distinctive look either ;)

I know a lot of other campaigns offer more in terms of perks, but they also ask for a lot more. If I currently had the means to give back in a more plentiful shinier way, I definitely would, but alas I can't. So I give what little I can and I hope anyone who does contribute or helps to spread the word knows that every little bit of help and every smidgen of good intentions, means a great deal.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

D-Hunters #CivilCodex37_d

"You want someone to chase after a mugger or track down some weasel who stole ya motha's crockery? You call the police, but even then don't expect them to be worth nuffin'.
But when it comes to evil, when it comes to the spooks over crooks and the bad things that bump in the night, who can help you? Some say the D's, but I don't think even those bastards are around to care anymore." ~ Jack's Bar regular


Ranaghoul exists to serve. His will has never been and under the command of his current master, it is unlikely it will ever be. His strength is inhuman, as is his ability to take lives. He gains not pleasure or pain from the tasks he does in the name of another. 

Has he always been Ranaghoul and he has always obeyed? It doesn't matter anymore.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Tilder Asgrave…peculiar name, peculiar job.

"Never underestimate your enemies, no matter how good you think you are. Never empty your mind of the countless possibilities that could arise and always remember that if given a chance, a slight glimmer of opportunity that everyone that could would hack you to tiny pieces and end your life. If it sounds too crazy to be true then it probably is, that’s the line, that’s the pick up, the feeder to the populace. But as long as the sun rises in the morning and sets at night, as long as mankind need air to breathe and water to live, the dark truths stand just a strongly.  A gun and a gut isn't always enough, that’s what she’s always been thought. Of course in practice she’s come to realise that that precise combination is all she needs in the world. 
Tilder Asgrave was hit by a magic bullet forged by an unknown enemy of surmountable evil, with the sole purpose of killing her. The more she repeats the actual event in her mind, the more she starts to contemplate her own sanity. This is not textbook fare, this is fairy tale and she never did like tales of dwarves and princesses being rescued. She was no princess; she was no knight in shining armor either. She was a human woman void of magical powers or a mighty steed, a person given a task and on nights like that fateful one, the reality of her life seemed as grim as her trench coat. But in the moment of impact, life shone bright, as bright as the bullet that seemingly struck her. "

What is Emerald?

Emerald is the story of a world that is similiar to our own but is tainted by darkness, darkness we can't comprehend or engage with. If we were to be successful in either, no good could come from it.

Emerald takes place in the fictional city of New Raven, home to one of the last known D-Hunters, a young woman named Tilder Asgrave.

One night when Tilder is out on a routine patrol she is attacked and shot. The would be fatal peripheral that was marked to her, turns out to be a very strange bullet, one that illuminates emerald and clearly didn't come from a run of the mill Wal-Mart. Tilder must find out the origins of the bullet, who wanted her dead and along the way she will come to know that a great evil is ready to burst into her home town and annihilate every living thing.