Thursday, 10 October 2013

What is Emerald?

Emerald is the story of a world that is similiar to our own but is tainted by darkness, darkness we can't comprehend or engage with. If we were to be successful in either, no good could come from it.

Emerald takes place in the fictional city of New Raven, home to one of the last known D-Hunters, a young woman named Tilder Asgrave.

One night when Tilder is out on a routine patrol she is attacked and shot. The would be fatal peripheral that was marked to her, turns out to be a very strange bullet, one that illuminates emerald and clearly didn't come from a run of the mill Wal-Mart. Tilder must find out the origins of the bullet, who wanted her dead and along the way she will come to know that a great evil is ready to burst into her home town and annihilate every living thing.

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