Thursday, 10 October 2013

Tilder Asgrave…peculiar name, peculiar job.

"Never underestimate your enemies, no matter how good you think you are. Never empty your mind of the countless possibilities that could arise and always remember that if given a chance, a slight glimmer of opportunity that everyone that could would hack you to tiny pieces and end your life. If it sounds too crazy to be true then it probably is, that’s the line, that’s the pick up, the feeder to the populace. But as long as the sun rises in the morning and sets at night, as long as mankind need air to breathe and water to live, the dark truths stand just a strongly.  A gun and a gut isn't always enough, that’s what she’s always been thought. Of course in practice she’s come to realise that that precise combination is all she needs in the world. 
Tilder Asgrave was hit by a magic bullet forged by an unknown enemy of surmountable evil, with the sole purpose of killing her. The more she repeats the actual event in her mind, the more she starts to contemplate her own sanity. This is not textbook fare, this is fairy tale and she never did like tales of dwarves and princesses being rescued. She was no princess; she was no knight in shining armor either. She was a human woman void of magical powers or a mighty steed, a person given a task and on nights like that fateful one, the reality of her life seemed as grim as her trench coat. But in the moment of impact, life shone bright, as bright as the bullet that seemingly struck her. "

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